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Accounts Payable

Despite having systems and controls in place to ensure that invoices are not double paid, all large enterprises on occasion will process the same invoice twice. Other AP errors include not entering credit notes and not taking advantage of discounts and rebates agreed with suppliers.

BGI has developed a suite of forensic software designed to highlight a wide range of accounts payable problem areas. Our dedicated AP auditors will review your accounting records to identify transactions which have led to over-payments being made. Once identified, the over-payments will be confirmed and recovered. As with our work on VAT, where systemic errors are uncovered, internal controls can be enhanced and systems tightened to prevent future occurrence.

This service is fully contingent and therefore self funding – no budget is required and generally, no expenses are charged. For clients, BGI’s AP review will always be a win-win option.

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"We found the BGI IT department to be helpful in assisting our staff with the data conversion and our input in the whole process was minimal. I have no hesitation in recommending the services of BGI."

Chief Financial Officer