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Customs Duty

BGI’s Customs Duty Practice seeks to minimize the costs of duty by thoroughly reviewing the import / export activity of our client. The review will include checking tariff classification and import valuation as well as considering the opportunities for a range of other duty relief’s which may be available in certain circumstances. BGI offers practical guidance to help our clients reduce costs and improve the efficiency of import and export activities, which can lead to an enduring improvement in margin. Duty is a very complex area where millions of pounds / euros may be lost due to uncertainty, internal systems errors or lack of technical knowledge in an ever changing environment. It is therefore important for clients to work with a team that is fully up to date with the wide range of opportunities that exist in this area.

BGI offers a full range of Customs expertise and advice in addition to generating recoveries include compliance assessment reviews, valuation confirmation, and administrative system controls and verification.

In summary, within this area, BGI seeks to:

• Assist importers throughout the European Union to minimize customs duty and other indirect tax liabilities

• Recover monies that have been overpaid in the past

• Manage the duty recovery / minimization process proficiently, with little or no resource input from our clients

• Ensure that our clients are fully compliant, while making certain that their imports are managed with maximum efficiency

• Seek equitable customs duty treatment for businesses throughout the European Union

BGI offers practical guidance to help our clients reduce costs and improve the efficiency of import and export activities. This is a very complex area and the slightest compliance failure can lead to substantial losses. Similarly, until BGI has carried out a detailed review of opportunities, many clients are unaware that small changes in the way they carry out their business could lead to very material savings, with minimal client effort. This service is fully contingent and therefore self funding – no budget is required and generally, no expenses are charged. For clients, BGI’s Duty review will always be a win-win option.

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